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Your Smile

In my office, a smile analysis is an example of a "light hearted" method of communicating and building trust with the patient. Patients often visit my office with the complaint that they do not like the appearance of their teeth without really knowing why.

The appearance of the teeth and a smile can actually be broken down into individual components that can be analyzed. I examine the individual components of your teeth and your smile and compare these components with other teeth and smiles that represent what I believe to be highly esthetic teeth and smiles. Once we have identified components that may be contributing to the patient's concerns, then we discuss how we can improve each individual component to assist you in achieving the result that you would like to see. This concept is further enhanced when we discuss how to take each individual component of your smile and put these components together into a composition that represents your smile. Individual components of a smile can be organized using the "classical" concepts of beauty. The classical view of a beautiful smile is oriented around the visual perception of harmony and symmetry in a composition. This involves the unity, stability and balance of various components in a composition.

In other words, we look at individual components of each tooth such as tooth length, width, contours, proportions, spacing and color. We then discuss how to improve each component. We then take each individual component and discuss methods to place these components back into your smile (composition) to unify all components (teeth) together. All of the individual teeth are organized in a fashion to create the illusion of balance and stability for all the teeth together. This balance and stability for the teeth is then reviewed again to harmonize the teeth with the face to complete the composition.

A Positive Dental Treatment Outcome is Based on a Positive Doctor to Patient Relationship.